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DEI is more than metrics—it is a fundamental cultural shift and forward-thinking business strategy that
sets companies apart. We work with executive leadership teams to shift their thinking and align their
systems with a DEI-core to improve their organizational culture, policymaking, and business performance.

Organizations that secure our consulting services benefit from a customized DEI strategy, structured to
markedly improve performance via short- and long-term goals with aligned metrics to measure the
success of the initiative.

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Diversity & Organizational Growth Leadership Program

The Almond Group’s Diversity & Organizational Growth Leadership Program is geared toward organizational leaders looking for one-on-one coaching and support in building a diverse staff and a healthy organizational culture.

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Comprehensive DEI Strategic Planning

Using a mixed-methods data collection approach, we work with companies to institute a three- to five-year comprehensive DEI strategic plan that includes an assessment of the need, data collection, a review of company policies and procedures, and a thorough analysis leading to in-depth recommendations for formulating a strategic plan.


As many companies enter this work for the first time, we provide ongoing counsel on a range of issues, including:

  • Strategies for recruiting and retaining a diverse talent pool.
  • Internal organizational culture challenges.
  • Company coaching and mentoring efforts.
  • Review of internal company documents, protocols, and policies that impact organizational culture and DEI.
  • Guidance and support for an internal DEI Committee.

Leading for Diversity Cohort Program

This is a leadership program designed for mid-level managers to improve their leadership ability by uncovering individual and organizational blindspots. This program equips mid-level managers, supervisors, and directors with a long-term strategy to strengthen their leadership acumen and become courageous champions for diversity within their organizations.

This six-month program is cohort-based and includes experiential learning, accountability and community-building, and a self-designed framework for implementing culture change and diversity strategies.

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Leadership & DEI Learning Sessions

Paramount to understanding and sustaining your efforts on mitigating bias is ongoing training and professional development. We provide training for your entire staff that elicits understanding and provokes empathy on a range of topics such as implicit bias, racial equity, microaggressions, inclusion and belonging, and more.

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